LED lighting solutions, LED screens and signs

LED lighting

While EU already started gradual phasing-out of energy-inefficient lamps, Russia is currently preparing for the difficult and costly transition. NAO-Pro is currently among a handful of Russian companies dedicated to introducing reliable, energy-efficient, long-life LED lighting products that will come at a minimum price and will make our homes and public places brighter, safer and environment-friendly.

LED screens and signs

NAO-Pro has been successfully operating in the Russian market since 1992 when the first outdoor dynamic QNX-controlled information system was installed in Moscow. Since then NAO-Pro mastered LED outdoor technology and started designing and manufacturing its own systems. Company was one of the first to design an SMD LED new generation video screen. Over the years, NAO-Pro manufactured and installed more than 240 LED video screens (over 10 thousand sq. meters of electronic panels) for 60 Russian cities which amounts to approximately 55% of all LED screens installed in Russia.